Arun Kumar Ghosh

In the Art world, the title Art Curator identifies a person who selects and often interprets different works of art, whether they be Paintings, Sculptures, Crafts, Collectibles, Digital art. In addition to selecting works, the Curator is often responsible for writing labels, catalogue essays, and other content for supporting art exhibitions. Art Curator has an eye for a variety of art forms and a passion for staging artwork in a way that creates interest in the exhibition space—whether it is small or large, contained within four walls of a Gallery or a Museum or Star Hotels or staged outdoors.

  • Art Curator
  • International Art Curator
  • Museum Curator
  • Art Curator for Star Hotels
  • Art Curator for Interiors
  • Corporate Art Advisor
  • Art Critic
  • Art Auction Appraiser
  • Art Investment Consultant
  • Art Auction Consultant

All Artists and Painters are welcome here! Please do contact for Curated exhibitions, Group Shows, Solo Exhibitions of works in Local, National and International Galleries and Museums and Star Hotels.