Indian Landscape Art

Landscape Art is a term that covers the depiction of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests, green pastures and especially these are found. The main subject of landscape art is eye soothing view, with colour composition on canvas, paper, on Board in different mediums - oil on canvas, acrylic, water colour on board, mixed media on canvas and many other mediums. Indian art - a portrayal of scenes found in the natural world. These scenes are treated as the subject of the artworks of landscape painting. The demand of modern art is increasing internationally.

Landscape Art is adapted as a means of recognizing nature and it's beauty. The inspiration stems from natural scenery. Mountains and valleys, water and sky, the hues and shades of nature are best brought to fore by Landscapes. From starting out as backgrounds for portraits, landscapes soon made a name for themselves and was soon regarded as a separate genre in art circles. At ArtAuctionIndia one can take their pick from our original, one of a kind landscapes, encasing the marvel of a natural scenery. Available as Wall Art, a picturesque Landscape would give any space a positive Aura.