Indian Modern Art

Modern Art, by global definition, generally refers to the art after 1960. In other words, it may be called as Post War Art and Paintings. While the concept of Modern Art mainly embraces the art from the1945 period to the impressionism. In India, the concept of Modern Contemporary Art is quite distinct from international criterion, not only in its time range but also in its definition.

It was mostly called as modern fine art, modern art painting, Modern Art museum etc. In the 1980's while in the 1990's, the designation of modern Indian art was increasingly popularized. Into the present century, the concept of Modern Art Auction was raised in Indian metro cities like Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, and of course Delhi and Mumbai and other important part of the world like New York, London, Paris, Dubai etc. Now modern art and exhibitions are taking place with a retrospective nature.

But the term modern painters was used more frequently. The another term in French called as La Modern is also used in famous modern art. This concept is equally enchanting in circles of collectors and modern art gallery. Perhaps we clarify modern arts by some general agreement on it. In terms of the organizational divisions of Art auction houses, it was generally labeled as Modern Art.