Does Landscape Art symbolize the Ultimate Feelings of Aestheticism?

Kolkata, 9th November, '18: Is not beauty a transcendental, a property of being, one of the Divine Names? "The being of all things derives from the Divine Beauty," says Saint Thomas. In this respect, then, the artist imitates God, Who made the world by communicating to it a likeness of His beauty.

On the other hand, to create a work of beauty is to create a work on which shines the radiance or the splendor, the mystery of a form, in the metaphysical sense of this word, of a ray of intelligibility and truth, of an irradiation of the primal brilliance. And no doubt the artist perceives this form in the created world, whether exterior or interior: he does not discover it complete in the sole contemplation of his creative spirit, for he is not, like God, the cause of things. But it is his eye and his spirit that have perceived and uncovered it; and it must itself be alive within him, must have taken on human life in him, must live in his intelligence with an intellectual life and in his heart and his flesh with a sensitive life, in order for him to be able to communicate it to matter in the work he makes.

Thus the work bears the mark of the artist; it is the offspring of his soul and his spirit. In this respect also human art imitates God: it realizes in the order of intellectuality, that is to say, in the highest order of nature, it realizes in act one of the fundamental aspects of the ontological likeness of our soul with God.

Landscape symbolism is probably the most universal visual language in art. The symbolic meaning of abstract landscape artwork is related to the natural elements present in the scene depicted. The sun or circle is the most basic symbol in existence. For example, the sun is the source of warmth and life. Plato viewed the sun as symbolic of the psyche. The colors associated with the sun are yellow and gold. The sun is the masculine principle and is related to time. Many religions have used the image of the sun as a symbol of spiritual illumination and wholeness. Other cultures view the sun as a symbol of the masculine principle or God Himself. Recently Art Auction India updates its site with a handful of Indian Landscape Art, Landscape Painting.