Sell Your Art...!! is for all Indian Contemporary and Modern Art.  We also welcome Artists without any formal training in art to post their works as we believe great art is made from the heart and with passion, it cannot be taught in classrooms.

You can upload your best works directly on the website that is for Free. The size of the images to be High Resolution.

The website charges once the sale occurs. Sale commission is negotiable and on the price to pay for marketing, website hosting, administration expenses. This initiative not only gives you a chance to sell your work but be noticed by prominent galleries and important collectors. All money earned by the website will be invested back into marketing and operational costs so that we can reach more people and have them collect art.

Please note that you cannot sell these works directly or anywhere else for the first 4 months except So it will be a binding contract for these 5 works or if you decide to load lower than 5 works then please load less number of works. Please put your best art works on for galleries and collectors to notice.

More than anything else, this initiative puts the power of choice in your hands, you choose the works to upload. We will have top curators, galleries, art collectors and critics. We would like all artists to be conservative with the price, do not have high prices, keep them low, and let collectors get comfortable buying your work. There is no charge to be on the website for uploading.

Please note the curatorial board of the website will be watching for quality and relevance, if your works are too repetitive then we may delete them and if the price is too high then the works may be deleted again.

Please note that after you have loaded the works on the website, they may take anything between 10 business days to appear on the website. They will all be approved before they are loaded, no queries will be entertained due to too much loading pressure. All decisions of will be final and binding on all artists.

Moreover, if you have any art piece of Old Masters then you can immediately upload the image in the site. Of course, please keep it in mind that the art piece is authentic. Also need proper Provenance and the Condition of the Art piece. Preferred art pieces like:

Ganesh Pyne, Sailoz Mukherjee, Paresh Maity, Lalu Prasad, Laxma Goud, Raza, F.N. Souza, Satish Gujral, Bikash Bhattacharya and many more. Complete Indian Contemporary and Modern Artists.

In case of any query, please write to us at

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